2015-01-20 Updated for Patch 2.5
2014-12-18 FFXIVCrafter.com has a new look!
2014-12-16 Progress formula updated
2014-12-09 Database updated to 2.45
2014-11-20 CP bug fixes
2014-11-19 Error features added
2014-11-15 Link bug fix
2014-11-10 Shorter Links
2014-11-09 Sequence saving/loading via cookies
2014-11-05 HQ Percent added
2014-10-31 Stats adjustments in the simulator added
2014-10-30 Recipe list updated for 2.4
2014-10-26 Recipe Searching
2014-10-25 Brands added/Sequence adjustments
2014-10-24 Save to Cookies and Item pages added
2014-10-23 Bug Fixes/ Success Probability and Buff Tracking added
2014-10-22 Bug Fixes and Rumination added
2014-10-21 Simulation links and Macros added
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